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Summer Safety

How to Stay Safe in the Summer

Summer is a time you try to think a little less about your propane tank. But you still need to practice caution during the warm summer months. Please follow these important summer propane safety tips:

  • Do not place a burn barrel or fire pit near your propane tank!
  • When mowing, keep at least 3 feet away from the propane tank.
  • When using a weed trimmer around the tank, please take care around the gas line as repeated contact with the weed trimmer can cause cracks or cut the line
  • Do not chain an animal to the tank.
  • Keep trees and branches trimmed around tank and driveways.

Don’t forget the summer is a great time to buy propane at discounted rates to keep warm all winter.

Summer Spruce Up

Ludwig Propane will be inspecting and painting tanks this summer. Please let us know if you think your tank needs a fresh coat of paint.

Summer Safety Check!

At Ludwig Propane, your safety is always our highest priority. That’s why we offer a System Check inspection for only $50 (regularly a $75 value). This safety and maintenance inspection ensures that your system’s propane regulation equipment is operating properly and efficiently.

From June through August, a certified Ludwig Propane technician will come to your home to verify that the system is leak free and your regulators are providing proper pressure for safe operation.

We will notify you if we find any worn or damaged parts that need to be replaced. This inspection will extend the life of your appliances, save energy, and ensure your system is functioning properly.

The System Check inspection is a key component in keeping your home comfortable and safe. Call today! Don’t miss this opportunity to schedule your System Check at the special rate of only $50!