Residential Propane

Ludwig Propane is a residential propane provider in Northwest Ohio!

Propane is an affordable, reliable energy source for your whole house needs. Propane is a great way to save money on home heating…but it also does so much more. At Ludwig Propane, we can help you save money on:

Call us today. We make switching easy and affordable – with no hidden switching fees like HAZMAT and delivery!

Our Budget Pay is the Way

We know it’s easier to pay a bill in monthly installments than all at once, which is why we offer Budget Pay programs. We also have other plans to help you save—including senior discounts. So, just ask about our "Pricing Programs" when you give us a call.

Check our our Propane Service Area map to see which office to call.

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In Case of Emergency Call: 1-877-583-9441
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